Skin Karma

It almost sounds cliché, but it is actually true, our skin gets drier around the time we get to 40. And if you already have dry skin, it might need a little bit more TLC.

Needless to say, diet, stress, smoking, and alcohol consumption can also contribute to dry skin. Genetics plays a crucial role as well, let alone not drinking enough water and forgetting to moisturize regularly.

But even if we take all the responsibility and make some positive changes in our lifestyle, after 40, we might still experience regular dry skin.

Who can we blame, then?

Slower cell turnover: as we age, our skin cells turnover at a slower rate, creating a buildup of dead cells on the surface of the skin, making it appear dull, flaky and dry.

Hormonal changes: hormone levels decrease, that can lead to drier skin, especially getting close to perimenopause.

Sun damage: over time, sun exposure can damage the skin, making it more susceptible to dryness and wrinkles.

Reduced blood flow: as we age, blood flow to the skin decreases, which can make it more difficult for the skin to stay hydrated and plump.

Decreased oil production: sweat and oil glands decrease in activity as we age, which can cause less natural moisturization of the skin.

Reduced elasticity: the skin loses some of its elasticity, making it less able to stretch and retain moisture.

I believe this is a crucial time for the skin, a moment in which we need to reconnect, observe and listen to what our skin needs, more than ever.

What we do now for our skin, will make our futures selves thank our(selves)!
Or not...

Sun damages from that memorable sunburn we had when we were 20...

All the nights out spent drinking and smoking without having a single glass of water...

All the fruits and vegetables we didn't eat...

The makeup we didn't remove before going to bed...

We can't go back in time, but we surely can do something now to give our skin the health it needs.

Drink enough water in small sips throughout the whole day.
Quit smocking tobacco, ask for help if you need it!
Have a natural skincare routine that helps your skin regaining suppleness and a healthy glow.
Cleanse your face at night, remove all your makeup and nourish your skin with some good natural oils.
Eat more fruit and veggies! (Here, I am mostly talking to myself! guilty!)

I will never stop saying that vegetal oils are skin's best friends, their compounds are recognized by our skin and used to create a healthy mat of skin cells by compensating the lack of natural oils and components that make our skin surface an ideal habitat for our microbiome.

When your skin is softer, it allows less wrinkles to fold, stays supple and has a healthy glow.

Broosha selected the best plant-based oils and waters of the territory of Sardinia that can help your skin stay hydrated day and night.
Check out our natural skincare line, formulated for ageing, dry and sensitive skin, for a more conscious beauty routine for you and your skin.

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