Helychrisum Italicum


Helychrisum Italicum is a typical Mediterranean plant gifted with powerful antihistaminic properties, soothing, useful in several skin issues such as psoriasis, herpes, eczema and also in case of domestic and sun burns.

It is perfect for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, like with contact dermatitis and skin rashes.

The name of the plant comes from Greek and it means 'golden sun', it is also called Immortal because of the eternal fresh look of the dried flowers.

In Aromatherapy, it's used to give peace and a positive attitude.



Soothing and Protective: fights free radicals avoiding rednesses

Antihistaminic: helps keeping under control allergy-prone skin reactions 

Detox: avoids puffiness clearing out toxins from outer skin layer

Repairing: regenerates cells, clears dark spots, scars and little wounds

Better micro-circulation: against couperose and rosacea



Juniper essential oil and hydrosol are obtained from distillation of Juniperus Communis plant, wildly harvested from Sardinia.

Traditionally, Juniper has always been used for its therapeutic benefits and, like Lentisk, it was used to be burned on fire to keep away insects, epidemics and evil spirits.

It has potent detox, diuretic and draining benefits, promoting toxins elimination through the lymphatic system, reducing in this way water retention.

In Aromatherapy it is used for its energizing action and stimulates good mood.


Detox: eliminates toxins transporting them directly to the lymphatic system

Tonifying: purifies organism fighting imperfections

Antiseptic: disinfect and helps getting rid of herpes




Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, Lavender oil has been used for centuries against infections, bacterias and fungi, speeding up the healing process.

It's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it helps stressed skin, slowing down the aging process.

Free Radicals are responsible for weakening skin's immune system and can cause incredible damage to our body; Lavender oil works synergically with the human body's antioxidants, increasing their activity.

In Aromatherapy, Lavender is vastly used for its calming and sedative effect, improves sleep quality and ceases restlessness; these are the main reasons why Lavender is the essential oil most used in the world.



Repairing: perfect in case of burns and wounds, gives relief to irritated skin

Antiseptic: disinfect scratches and little wounds, domestic and sun burns and insect bites

Antioxidant: fights free radicals preventing skin oxidation


Pistacia Lentiscus


Lentisk oil is a vegetable oil obtained from a bushy evergreen shrub, endemic from Sardinia and the Mediterranean area. The result of cold pressing the berries of this shrub is an aromatic oil used traditionally for cooking instead of the expensive (at that time scarce) olive oil and also in Sardinian Traditional Medicine for its multiple therapeutic benefits.

Letisk was considered magic from village healers, like bruxas, which used branches and plant oil – called in sardinian 'ollu de stincu' – to heal inflamed skin from St Antony's fire (Herper Zoster) and even fire burns. During ceremonies, its branches were burned by healers while reciting 'brebus', silent and mysterious prayers that were passed on exclusively from old bruxas to young women from the same family.

Lentisk plant has the ability to improve the soil around it making it richer and fertile; applied on skin improves blood circulation stimulating cell regeneration and protecting skin from external factors.


Antioxidant: protects skin from free radicals

Regenerating: stimulates cell regeneration scarring damaged tissue

Soothing: reduces redness and itchiness, also caused by insect bites

Improves blood circulation: rich in Omega 6 and 9, keep under control cholesterol 



Myrtle essential oil and hydrosol are extracts from the Myrtus Communis plant, very common in Sardinia and Corsica. The plant name comes from Myrsine, a mythological woman from Ancient Greece, killed for vengeance by a jealous man and transformed by Athena in a shrub that took her name. 

Famous for its multiple properties among which we find balsamic, antibacterial and purifying, useful against excess sebum and acne.


Centuries ago, through the distillation process, a precious distilled water was obtained and called 'Angels water', commonly used on skin for its astringent and purifying properties.

Its astringency is due to a high volume of tannins, found in leaves and berries.

In Aromatherapy is used to get an energizing and stimulating effect, and helps with focus.



Astringent: purifies oily, inflamed and acne-prone skin

Tonifying: improves blood circulation and skin tone

Anti-inflammatory: protects skin from dermatitis and infections.


Rosmarinus Officinalis


The name  Rosmarinus officinalis is original from latin rosae maris and it means 'sea rose', it's endemic from the Mediterranean coastal areas and it's been used since centuries for its many benefits.

Rich in flavonoids, tannins and phenolic acids like rosmarinic acid, which has antioxidant properties and prevents free radicals and skin aging.

It stimulates blood circulation, promotes tissue oxygenation, has astringent and antiseptic effects, tonifies and purifies skin helping to get rid of acne and dark spots.


Rosemary is used in aromatherapy as a mood booster, helps improve focus and memory.



Antibacterial: heals bacterial infections

Antioxidant: fights free radicals

Purifying: eliminates excessive sebum

Repairing: reduces scars and little wounds



Thymus vulgaris hydrosol, obtained by the distillation of flowers and leaves, has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties for its content of thymol, stimulating skin's immune system.

It disinfect the skin helping blood circulation on stressed skin.

Its slightly acid PH makes the Thyme hydrosol a perfect skin tonic.


Skin balancing: disinfect and purifies skin keeping clean from excess sebum

Detox: its detox action keeps skin free from toxins and free radicals

Soothing: calms irritated and inflamed skin.


Hypericum Perforatum -  St. John's wort


Hypericum Perforatum is also called St. John's wort as it is harvested on the 24th of June's night (St. John's day). Traditionally used for its soothing and softening properties on burned skin or insect bites and itchiness.

The flowers needed for this extract are wildly harvested in North Sardinia and  macerated in Almond Oil. During maceration, Ipericin contained in the bright yellow flowers gives the carrier oil a deep red color. This substance is photosensitive and even though it is contained in minimum quantities in this Face Oil, we advise not to expose your skin to the sun without sunscreen after the application. 


Softening and soothing: perfect in case of redness, dry and chapped skin

Scar tissue recovery and elasticizing: repairs tissues helping them to recover lost elasticity 


Sweet Almond


Originally from Ancient Persia, Sweet Almond tree was brought more than two thousand years ago to the Mediterranean area by the Phoenicians and from then its oil has always been used to soothe and soften the skin. Nowadays it is famous for helping dry and irritated skin, especially when used regularly.

It is rich in Vitamins A, B, D and E, phytosterols and minerals that improve the skin barrier function and blood circulation, slowing down aging symptoms thanks to its cell regenerating action.


Antioxidant: rich in Vitamins, Omegas and minerals that protect skin from oxidation stress

Anti-wrinkle: slows down aging process through phyto components synergic work

Elasticising: contains proteins that allow collagen production, avoiding derma to break

Hydrating: fights trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) working as protective film

Soothing and softening: Omega fatty acids help soothing itchiness and irritation 


Vitis vinifera – Grape seed oil

Vitis vinifera oil is obtained from cold pressing grape seeds and leftover material from wine production, for this reason is a symbol of sustainability. The material used for the production of this oil comes from South West Sardinia.

It's the richest oil in Linoleic Acid, an essential fatty acid and Omega 6 that promotes cell cohesion avoiding water loss and allows all skin layers to get deeply nourished.

Grape seed oil is also rich in flavonoids, polyphenols and Vitamin C and E that work synergically to protect the body from sun damage like dark spots and early aging signs and also from other atmospheric agents like wind and cold, forming an efficient natural barrier.


Antioxidant: Omega 6 and phenolic acid fight free radicals and stimulate microcirculation

Balancing: fast absorbing oil, avoids pores clogging and regulates sebum excess

Elasticising: polyphenols help avoiding loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

Hydrating: creates a protective barrier that reduces TEWL, trans-epidermal water loss, keeping skin hydrated


Rosa Canina


Rich in flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols, fatty acids and Vitamins C, A and E, Rosa Canina is the most common endemic plant in Italy. The red rosehips necessary for the production of this extract have been wildly harvested in North Sardinia and macerated in Almond oil.


Antioxidant: vitamins are potent antioxidants and fight skin oxidation keeping it healthy and slowing down the formation of new wrinkles

Regenerating: Vitamin A stimulates cell turnover as it can be deeply absorbed and works to repair scars, little wounds and wrinkles.

Elasticising: tonifies sunburned, dry and dehydrated skin

Balancing: regulates excessive sebum and normalizes skin

Vitamin E


Vitamin E, or tocoferol, has strong antioxidant properties, fights free radicals and promotes cellular regeneration. It's been added to this formula to protect oils from oxidation and guarantee the quality of this product from the first until the last application.








The Red Clay extracted in Sardinia is rich in minerals, especially iron, to which it owes its red color. It has an absorbing and balancing effect on oily skin; stimulates circulation by fighting water retention and thus depuffing the face; promotes cell regeneration by reducing wrinkles and giving a healthy complexion.

Recommended for fragile and irritated, very dry or very oily skin.



The Sardinian Green Clay has a great absorbing and purifying power, thanks to the high presence of Potassium which gives it the green color, leaving the skin free from impurities and smooth to the touch.

It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, therefore it helps oily skin, prone to acne and eczema to maintain their physiological balance.



The Multani Clay of Sardinia carries out a cleansing and purifying action on the skin. It manages to remove impurities from the pores by unclogging them, acting as an exfoliant and cleaning the skin from dirt, sweat and sebum.

The exfoliating effect helps to lighten dark spots (hyperpigmentation), giving the skin a homogeneous complexion, having antiseptic properties that calm redness and inflammation.



White Clay, also called Kaolin as it was discovered in the Chinese region of Kao-Ling, is mainly composed of silicon and aluminum, minerals to which Kaolin owes its whitening power on skin spots. Being very delicate, it is suitable for all skin types for its soothing, antiseptic and detox action, calms the skin from irritation, acne and inflammation, freeing it from impurities.

It is able to absorb toxins and waste, leaving the skin clean of sweat, sebum and grease.



Damask Rose Petal Powder keeps the skin fresh, young and radiant, thanks to its regenerating and tonifying properties. Particularly suitable for dry and mature skin, as well as irritated and sensitive ones, Rose powder helps in case of redness, wrinkles and scars.

It is an Ayurvedic powder used in India to balance the three doshas, biological energies that form the basis of Ayurvedic medicine.



The Hibiscus Sabdariffa flower powder is a powerful antioxidant rich in polyphenols and vitamin C, its emollient action helps to calm irritated and swollen skin. The presence of fruit acids allows the Hibiscus to have an exfoliating effect, eliminating dead cells and stimulating the regeneration of new cells, thus having an anti-aging action.

Suitable for mature, sensitive, dry, dull skin.



Micronized Rice Powder helps to soften the skin and leave it soft to the touch. It has a matting effect and absorbs excess grease. Added as an ingredient to face masques, it improves the quality of the product by creating a soft and easy to apply mixture.



Turmeric is an excellent cicatrizant and gives brightness to the face. The curcumin present in Turmeric powder inhibits the action of enzymes responsible for the signs of aging on the skin, such as wrinkles. In addition, it protects delicate skin thanks to its powerful antioxidant action and helps the skin to obtain a healthy and radiant appearance.



Orange peel powder, rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, is astringent and invigorating, gives the skin a luminous and fresh touch.

Used in Ayurvedic medicine to balance biological energies, it helps to cleanse the skin deeply, eliminating dead cells and clearing clogged pores.

It gives the skin a radiant appearance.


Wie is Broosha?

Ontdek wie er achter de oprichting van het merk en zijn geschiedenis zit.

Lees ons verhaal

Wie is Broosha?

Maak kennis met Ilaria, formuleerder en oprichter van Broosha en Face Yoga-coach.

Ilaria vond haar passie voor cosmetische doe-het-zelfactiviteiten vele jaren geleden toen ze in haar keuken haar allereerste eenvoudige scrub met Aloë Vera-gel en bruine suiker creëerde om haar dermatitis te verzachten. Daarna bracht de obsessie met lippenbalsem haar ertoe haar unieke formule te vinden waar haar vrienden dol op zijn en waar haar vrienden nog steeds naar vragen.

Nieuwsgierigheid naar deze bevredigende hobby bracht haar ertoe te experimenteren met vele andere recepten, dus besloot ze organische huidverzorgingswetenschappen te studeren en te leren hoe ze op professionele wijze cosmetica kon formuleren.

Ze behaalde begin 2021 haar eerste diploma in organische formulering en schreef zich vervolgens in voor het ondernemerschapsprogramma voor oprichters van schoonheidsmerken, en studeerde huidwetenschappen en bedrijfsmanagement.
Ilaria gelooft dat het van fundamenteel belang is om te weten wat we op onze huid smeren en nodigt iedereen uit om cosmetische etiketten te leren lezen.
Haar missie is om bewustzijn te creëren over het Conscious Beauty-concept, waarbij ethische beslissingen worden genomen zodat we een natuurlijke glans en een schuldvrije geest krijgen.

Waarom 'Broosha'?

In de Sardijnse taal betekent Broosha ('bruxa' of 'bruscia') 'heks' (zoals bruja in het Spaans). Bruscia is een heks en genezer in het dorp, met een wilde en intuïtieve persoonlijkheid die drankjes en zalven maakt en 'brebus' (gebeden tegen het kwaad) reciteert om lichaam en ziel te genezen.

Broosha, geïnspireerd door traditionele remedies

Voor Ilaria is Broosha een moderne heks: een vrouw met speciale vaardigheden en ruime beschikbaarheid van plantenextracten afkomstig uit het lokale grondgebied, soms gemengd met andere exotischer om een ​​unieke creatie te bereiken; een grote dosis inlevingsvermogen voor huid en ziel en toegewijde aandacht voor het milieu als het gaat om de geselecteerde ingrediënten, verpakkingen en productie.

Sardijnse planten hebben een lange geschiedenis van traditionele remedies, die de belangrijkste inspiratiebron vormen voor de huidverzorgingslijn van Broosha.

Het logo

Gigi Porceddu, een bekende steenbeeldhouwer uit Sardinië, een expert in neolithische kunst, kerft harde rivierstenen en creëert beelden die neolithische krijgers en mythologische figuren voorstellen. Het is in zijn beeldhouwwerk dat een 'Coga' voorstelt – een mythologische Sardijnse heks die 's nachts in elk dier kan veranderen, een expert op het gebied van hekserij die magische spreuken uitspreekt en in het bos leeft, dat Broosha en de kunst elkaar ontmoetten.

Het standbeeld op deze foto werd tentoongesteld in het kunstmuseum van Bilbao.

Sardinië wordt vaak omschreven als magisch land met een lange geschiedenis van tradities en legendes. Bruxas zijn dorpsgenezers die echt bestaan, terwijl Cogas eng en mythologisch zijn, dus ze bestaan ​​niet in het echte leven, maar de lokale bevolking zegt dat als je iets kwijtraakt, je 's nachts het bos in kunt gaan, hen om hulp kunt vragen en, zodra thuis vind je op magische wijze wat je zocht.

Onze missie

De missie van Broosha is om te bewijzen dat plantaardige cosmetica prachtig werkt op de huid, omdat ze precies zijn wat deze nodig heeft.

De zorgvuldige selectie van de ingrediënten en hun componenten en eigenschappen heeft tot doel de verouderende, droge en gevoelige huid te helpen de soepelheid terug te krijgen en rimpels te ontspannen, waarbij uitsluitend gebruik wordt gemaakt van extracten uit de natuur in hun puurste vorm.

Wij gebruiken alleen uitstekende plantenextracten om de beste kwaliteit en resultaten te garanderen.

Je huid zal zo stralen dat hij vóór jou de kamer binnenkomt.

Duurzaam? Ja maar hoe?

Bij Broosha is duurzaamheid een must: het is het eerste criterium bij al onze keuzes.

De ingrediënten van Broosha worden allemaal lokaal, bewust en ethisch geproduceerd en geoogst.

Ze zijn 100% plantaardig, grotendeels gecertificeerd biologisch, endemisch in Sardinië en het Middellandse Zeegebied. We proberen op deze manier de CO2-uitstoot te verminderen, omdat ook de productie op Sardinië wordt verwerkt.

We formuleren producten van hoge kwaliteit met uitstekende ingrediënten, gemaakt door lokale producenten, ondersteunen bedrijven uit de omgeving en respecteren de inheemse cultuur en traditie van kruidengeneesmiddelen.

Onze cosmetische verpakkingen zijn gemaakt van gerecycled glas, gerecycled plastic en composteerbaar maïszetmeel.

Broosha gelooft dat de toekomst van huidverzorging draait om duurzaamheid, traceerbaarheid en recycleerbaarheid.