Who is Broosha? 

Find out who is behind the creation of the brand and its history.

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Who is Broosha?

Meet Ilaria, Organic Cosmetic Formulator and Founder of Broosha.

Our Founder Ilaria found her passion for cosmetic DIY’s many years ago when she created her very first simple scrub with Aloe Vera gel and brown sugar in her kitchen. Curiosity brought her to experiment with many other recipes through the years until she decided to study Organic Skincare Science and learn how to formulate cosmetics professionally. She got her first Diploma in Organic Formulation at the beginning of 2021 and she then enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Program for Beauty Brand Founders, where she is currently completing courses such as Skin Science and Business Management.
Ilaria believes that it’s fundamental to know what we put on our skin and invites everybody to learn how to read cosmetic labels.
Her mission is to convert everybody to the Conscious Beauty concept, a place where we become more aware of the impact that the cosmetic industry has on our skin and our planet.

Why 'Broosha'?

In the Sardinian language, Broosha (‘bruxa’ or ‘bruscia’) means ‘witch’ (like bruja in Spanish). Bruscia is a witch and healer in the village, with a wild and intuitive personality that makes potions and ointments and recites ‘brebus’ (prayers against evil) to cure body and soul.

Broosha, a modern witch

For Ilaria, Broosha is a modern witch: a woman with special skills and wide availability of plant extracts coming from the local territory, sometimes blended with others more exotic to achieve a unique creation, a large dose of empathy for the customer’s skin and soul and dedicated attention to the environment when it comes to select ingredients, packaging, and manufacture. Sardinian plants have a long story of traditional remedies, which Broosha would love to recreate with her formulas.

Part of the brand’s holistic footprint is to provide all the necessary info to make a responsible choice and embrace the ‘Conscious Beauty’ concept.

Conscious beauty is about being honest and transparent, it’s an invitation to open our eyes and get informed about what the beauty industry offers and to make the right decision for us and the planet. You can have a more conscious lifestyle, starting from skincare.

Sustainability is a long-term journey part of the Conscious Beauty concept and Broosha is focused on getting sustainable ingredients from ethical growers.

The logo

Gigi Porceddu, a well-known stone sculptor from Sardinia, an expert in Neolithic art, carves hard river stones creating statues that represent Neolithic warriors and mythological figures. It’s in his sculpture representing a “Coga” – a mythological Sardinian witch that can transform into any animal at night, witchcraft expert that makes magic spells and lives in the woods, that Broosha and art met.

The statue in this picture was displayed in Bilbao’s art museum. 

Sardinia is often described as magical land with a long history of traditions and legends. Bruxas are village healers that actually exist, while Cogas are scary and mythological, so they don’t exist in real life, but locals say that if you lose something, you can go in the woods at night, ask them for help and, once back at home, you magically find what you were looking for.

Our mission

Broosha’s mission is to prove that plant-based cosmetics work beautifully on the skin since they are just what it needs. The meticulous selection of the ingredients and their components and properties aims to help aging skin regain suppleness and relax wrinkles using only extracts from nature in their purest form. We use only outstanding plants extracts to ensure the best quality and results.

Fewer ingredients, more quality: your skin will only get what it needs, and nothing more.

We produce small batches to assure the constant freshness of the product, off the tree directly to your skin!

Sustainable? Yes, but how?

At Broosha, sustainability is a must: it is the first criteria of all our choices.

Broosha’s ingredients are all locally, consciously, and ethically produced and harvested. They are 100% plant-based, certified Organic, endemic of Sardinia and the Mediterranean area. We try to reduce in this way the CO2 emissions as also the manufacture is processed in Sardinia.

We formulate high-quality products with outstanding ingredients directly purchased by local producers, supporting businesses from the area and respecting the native culture and tradition of herbal remedies.

All our packaging, from the glass of the bottles to the paper of the shipping boxes, is totally recyclable and partly recycled.

Broosha believes that the future of skincare is all about sustainability, traceability, and recyclability.