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Earth Dust Face Clay Masque

Earth Dust Face Clay Masque

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Weekly treatment

This spiced-up upgrade of the classic clay masque is formulated with four clays, three of which from Sardinia, and very precious Ayurvedic powders.

The delicate Kaolin (White Clay) is added to the Sardinian Red, Green and Multani Clays to create a unique formula embellished with other powders such as Rose Petals, Hibiscus, Rice, Turmeric and Orange Peel.

Suitable for delicate and sensitive skin, it leaves the face surprisingly smooth and soft. Clays are a primary component of the earth's surface, rich in minerals and vitamins, they are able to penetrate inside the pores, attract impurities and leave them free and clean. The difference between the various clays is due to the presence of different minerals that give them a particular color: iron colors red and potassium give the clay a green nuance.


Sardinian Red Clay stimulates circulation and cell regeneration, rich in minerals, especially iron, has a detox and soothing effect on irritated and sensitive skin.

Sardinian Green Clay has an absorbing and purifying power, leaving the skin smooth and free from impurities.

The Multani Clay of Sardinia purifies the skin and tends to lighten dark spots due to old scars.

White Clay, Kaolin, is suitable for all skin types and has a soothing and detoxifying action.

The Rose Petals Powder keeps the skin fresh, young and radiant. Particularly suitable for dry and mature skin, Rose powder helps in case of redness, wrinkles and scars.

Hibiscus flower powder is a powerful antioxidant rich in vitamin C, its emollient action helps to calm irritated and swollen skin.

Rice Powder (from Italy) helps to soften the skin leaving it soft to the touch.

Turmeric is an excellent cicatrizing agent and gives brightness to the skin, helping gaining a healthy skin tone.

Orange peel powder, rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, is astringent and invigorating, giving the skin a luminous and fresh touch.


Warm up your face with a hot towel of fumigation, mix a teaspoon of Earth Dust with a teaspoon of warm or lukewarm water in a wooden or ceramic bowl. Do not use metal objects for the preparation of your masque. The desired consistency is that of yogurt. Apply with fingertips or a make-up brush all over the face, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Rinse after 5-10 minutes of application with warm water.

Dry skin max 5 minutes

Oily skin max 10 minutes


  • Try the mask also on the neck, décolleté and back of the hands for a rejuvenating and soothing effect.

  • Do not wait for the masque to dry completely as it could dry out the skin.

  • Wet the masque with your fingers to prolong the pose, but no longer than 10 minutes.

  • Remove the clay with lukewarm water with the help of your fingers or a konjac sponge.

  • Remove it under the shower to reduce water consumption.


Our Earth Dust Clay Masque is packaged in an eco-friendly standup paper pouch made from corn starch and is therefore 100% compostable. The pouch can be thrown away with general waste and will decompose in landfills.

Full INCI:

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay (Caolin), Red Clay (Montmorillonite), Green Clay (Montmorillonite), Multani Clay (Montmorillonite), Rosa Damascena flower powder, Hibiscus Sabdariffa flower powder, Curcuma Longa root powder, Citrus Aurantium peel powder, Oriza Sativa (Rice) starch.

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    Sinds de eerste toepassing heeft het serum de elasticiteit en hydratatie van mijn huid geholpen, waardoor deze er een stuk gezonder en helderder uitziet” - Marzia

    "De combinatie water en olie voldeed volledig aan mijn verwachtingen, het hydrateert niet alleen mijn huid prachtig, maar maakt het ook zacht bij aanraking" - Teresa

    "Ik had nog nooit een serum geprobeerd dat zo efficiënt en regeneratief was" - Vanessa

    "Uitstekend plantaardig olieserum dat mijn huid de hele dag gehydrateerd houdt! Ik vind het geweldig!" -Roberta

    Customer Reviews

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    La coccola di cui avevo bisogno

    Questa maschera sembra creata per me, che ho la pelle secca, bisognosa di un trattamento delicato e non aggressivo. Semplicissima e rapidissima da preparare, è un alleato in grado di lenire e lasciare la mia pelle più luminosa. La considero una coccola a cui non rinunciare, e la consiglio vivamente!

    Joanne Tardito
    Face is so smooth and refreshed!

    I am in love with this face masque! The packaging has been well thought out for easy use and the product smells divine. It is easy to apply and so satisfactory when it is time to remove. My skin looks and feels energised. It is glowing - so smooth and refreshed!

    Thank you Joanne! Broosha loves you back!

    Earth Dust

    This product is highly recommended to rebalance your skin! If your skin is thin and dry as mine just keep it on your face for 5 minutes, that’s enough for my dry skin. I’ve enjoyed the scent of it too!!!

    Earth Dust

    Che dire di questa maschera? Non è il solito prodotto da banco, lo capisci subito dal profumo! È facile e veloce da preparare, basta una piccola quantità
    Quali sono stati gli effetti immediati sul mio viso? Ha avuto subito un effetto astringente (la mia pelle ringrazia) e illuminante!!